What is Artselect

Browse, buy, and sell art on ArtSelect!

Our artworks are displayed in three categories:

Pre-loved ArtArtist spacegallery space

The colour of ArtSelect’s logo changes depending on the category you’re looking at. Use the colours to navigate.

green  is pre-loved art
Browse, search, buy and sell pre-loved art.  The modern, the bold, the quirky, the kitsch, the masterpiece – find the style you want from our eclectic collection.

orange  is artist listings
Browse, search and buy directly from individual artists.  Artists, showcase and sell your works to a national audience. Plus, we take no commissions! 

red  is gallery & retailer listings
Browse, search and buy directly from individual galleries and retailers.  Galleries and retailers, showcase and sell your works to a national audience. Plus, we take no commissions!
blue  means you are looking at all three categories together.  When you click on an artwork, it will then show either green, orange or red depending on its category.

Refine your results by using the filters on the left.  For example, if you want a beach scene and don’t mind if it’s pre-loved or from an artist or gallery, refine your search by price, location, keywords, artist’s name, gallery name, medium used or size.


If you’re joining ArtSelect and want to sell art, sign up as one of these:
•          art lover
•          artist
•          gallery/retailer 

Art Lovers can sell pre-loved art (art not created by you). 
Artists can sell your own artworks (Once you have joined ArtSelect as an Artist, you will only be authorised to list artworks created by you).  
Galleries and Retailers can list your entire stock of artworks and must provide an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Before you list

Before you list your artwork, please protect yourself by reading Stay Safe – Trade Safe.  Beginners should also read our tips on The Art of Selling.  

If you have any further questions, browse our FAQs or email us at info@artselect.com.au.