Why Buy Original Art?

In a world over-saturated with images, reproductions, watered-down visions and genuine fakes, an original painting stands as a capsule of authenticity – a direct link to humanity and the spark of creativity of another human being. Paintings are personal in an impersonal world, a token of love and warmth that reconnects us to ourselves.

While prints, posters, and other reproductions are a great way to decorate your walls and liven up your space, please consider the following reasons why buying original art is an awesome thing to do.

UNIQUE. While some people want only what others have, its always more interesting to have what others don’t. Owning something that is 100% yours is an exciting thing. Like a glorious secret. A painting is so much more than just an image. It is the unique mark of an artist, a document of their creativity and energy. And if it’s original and one-of-a-kind, then it is all yours.

SUPPORT. Support local artists, when you can. Buying original art directly supports artists, allowing them to continue with their creativity. You’ll feel good. They’ll feel good. And feeling good is good.

EXPRESS YOURSELF. Your art choices and curatorship of your very own art collection is a fantastic means of personal and creative expression, which in turn reflects your unique and individual personality. Exhibiting art within your home really says something about who you are. Expressing yourself through your own curated collection is a great and healthy way to show off who you are.

QUALITY. The qualities an original painting possesses cannot be replicated even by the most advanced print technique. A ‘real’ painting is so much more vivid, and more alive than any reproduction you will ever see. There is an ephemeral superiority that lies in the details that come together to make the whole: the look of the paint – a soft translucent sheen or the crystalised pigments that subtlety change as you move across the room; brushstrokes, the textures of the paint, the surface created by movements of brush, palette knife and sponge; the three-dimensional quality of a painting on canvas or board, which gives it a tremendous sense of presence. You pay for quality and it’s absolutely worth it.

HAPPINESS. Art is the gift that keeps on giving. Once you’ve purchased your artwork, it’s yours. Forever. To look at whenever you please and to reflect upon, to inspire and to enjoy. Happy walls make happy people. Owning an original piece of art will have a positive effect on you and your environment. Your life will be enriched. Your visual enjoyment of an artwork (not to mention, the smug satisfaction that no one else has one) will quite simply make you happy.

INSPIRE THOUGHT & CONVERSATION. Art isn’t just decoration. Art can inspire thought and questions in everyone. It will engage the viewer to think and learn about the subject matter, themes and cultural, political or historical significance. It can kick-start many worthwhile discussions. If you ever find yourself in an awkward dinner party conversation, a visual distraction, like a piece of original art, is a great way to liven up any dying conversation.

ACCIDENTAL INVESTMENT. Though investment purposes shouldn’t be your only incentive for buying original art, it wouldn’t hurt if a piece you bought ten years ago accidently doubled in value. Always an unexpected bonus in the art of art collecting.

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