Selling Tips for Artists on ArtSelect

 “Creating art is the easy bit, it’s the selling that’s the challenge”, Australian artist John Hunt admitted when we met him at the recent Victorian Artists’ Society Annual Art Sale in East Melbourne.  Now living in Berlin, John creates his art effortlessly and then sends his work back to Australia to a colleague to assist in selling it on his behalf, a job he is more than happy to delegate away from himself.

At ArtSelect, we get this: We know selling can be a challenge, which is why we’re here to help. We want you to sell your artwork as quickly and effortlessly as possible, and we want you to have fun doing it.

People come to ArtSelect because they’re already interested in art.  You just need to provide the best listing possible.

The following is a guide to the Art of Selling!

Don’t rush it – Take your time

ArtSelect makes listing your artwork quick and easy.  An average listing should take about 5 minutes to create.  But please don’t rush it as this may result in fields being left blank, descriptions unfinished and buyers unsure.  A well prepared listing sends the message that your artwork has meaning and value for you.  Buyers are impressed by this.

Maximise the use of Photos    

Great photos sell artwork.  For buyers, photos will be the main visual hooks to attract them.  Photos should be accurate, well-lit and neatly cropped.  For sculptures and other three-dimensional works, take a few shots from different angles.  If the work is framed, include details of the frame.  If an artwork is signed, get a zoomed shot of the signature.

Camera Basics:

   set your camera to its highest resolution

   turn your flash off – leaving the flash on is the most common mistake

   keep the camera steady – use a tripod or a level and stable surface

   be very aware of reflections and shadows

   use indirect natural sunlight – a naturally bright room should do the trick

   fill your viewfinder with the whole work and include the frame if it has one

   avoid tilted shots – if unavoidable, tilt camera and work to keep 90 degree angle

   hang work on a flat wall to avoid distortion – or place it on a flat floor

   rotate images the right way up when you’re uploading photos

   include contextual shots of your artwork hanging in your home or gallery

Description – Tell the Story

Your written description needs to provide the buyer with an understanding of your artwork.  For example, if it was painted because the subject was an extraordinary person, or because you had just had your heart seriously broken, buyers will want to know this.  These are the details that give a work its life, character and personality.  If you’re able to tell the story of a work, people are much more likely to connect with you.

Description Basics:

   what or who inspired this work, and what does it mean to you?

   if you purchased the work – where did you find it and did you meet the artist?

   choose key words or hashtags to help buyers search for your work.  For example, if your work is inspired by the Australian desert, use words such as ‘outback’, ‘dusty’ and ‘red’

Create the Buzz

Email friends and family with a link to your listing, post it on facebook, tweet it, pin it, instagram it, social media the hell out of it!  Link it through to your own website or blog. Tell everyone to go on ArtSelect, search your name and check out your work!

Is the Price Right?

Pricing artwork is subjective and difficult.  If you’re selling pre-loved art, you probably know what you paid for it which gives you a starting point.  If you created the work, you will know roughly how much time and resources it cost.  If your pieces are selling quickly, this may be a good time to up your price as you’re in demand.  If you’re not selling much, perhaps lowering the price is right.  Just don’t undervalue yourself.

Just Do It

There are people out there who would love to own your artwork.  They just have to find you on ArtSelect, so make it as easy for them as possible.  We’ve created the stage for you to perform, your job is to showcase your work in its best light.  And don’t be discouraged if it takes some time to attract interest.  People come to ArtSelect because it has the greatest selection of art for sale in Australia.  Buyers will find you, so be ready.


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