Depictions of an 'Australia'

There is no doubt that Australia has produced some great artworks and artists over its history. Ranging from Aboriginal art, to the Colonial art movement, to the varying 20th and 21st Century depictions of our ever-changing and growing rural, urban, and multi-cultural diversity. 

Every artist has a different 'Australia' to share, and now, in no particular order, we would like to share a few of our favourite depictions, all diverse and yet all capturing a unique 'Australia' beautifully. Enjoy!

Max Dupain 'The Sunbaker' (1937)

Grace Cossington-Smith 'Bush in the Natural Reserve' 

Arthur Boyd 'Untitled' (1984)

Howard Arkley 'Unknown' 

David Davies 'Landscape' (1895)

John Brack 'Collins St, 5pm' (1955)

Rupert Bunny 'Black Swans' (1932-33)

Albert Namatjira 'Untitled' (1954)

Sidney Nolan 'The Bathers' (1943)

Fred Williams 'Forest Pond' (1974)

Hans Heysen 'Mystic Morn' (1904)

Margaret Preston 'Sydney Harbour Bridge' (1932)

Rick Amor 'Remnant Pier'

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