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Artist Name: David May

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Artist: David May
Year: 2012
Signed: Yes


Meiwi (Me We) is said to be the centre of your soul, it comes from a specific spot around the diaphragm area. It’s where all of life’s knowledge flows from.

We all develop our own Meiwi as we get older and learn more about life, it acts as our guide or intuition which we draw upon when needed.

Meiwi is handed down from generation to generation by word of mouth along family clan lines of decent within the Ngarrindjeri society.

For those who develop a strong Meiwi tend to connect more with spirit & have a strong understanding of physical & spiritual matters.

In having a strong Meiwi you tend to have a higher regard for life & respect for all living beings whether it be human, animal or mother earth.

For those who reflect a strong Meiwi show it through their actions & shown through the eyes, connect more with the seen & unseen world around them.

In simple terms Meiwi is your core of the soul where knowledge flows from & developed from. Everyone starts off with the same & develop it more as they learn about life’s secrets & knowledge.

Medium: Paint - Acrylic

Size: Large (1m+)
187cm x 127cm Unframed  

Artwork Categories: Aboriginal,Religious,Contemporary

Artwork Tags: Aboriginal,Contemporary,Indigenous,Dot painting,Aboriginal Dot Painting

Location of seller: Wollongong (2502), New South Wales

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