Street Photographer Peter Funch

Kara Rodski - Monday, September 29, 2014

Danish artist Peter Funch looks for patterns amongst humans in urban settings, and photographs them...

'Communicating Community', New York, USA, 2007

'Memory Lane', New York, USA, 2008

In one series he hunts for people holding manilla envelopes; in another he scours for pedestrians taking and posing for photos; in a third series he keeps an eye out for "pairs of various types" -- be they pregnant women, twins, or a person out with his or her dog. For each series, Funch returns to a particular location at a particular time each day until he finds what he's been looking for, normally after a period of 10 to 15 days. He then sifts through his photographs and isolates the images that converge to his desired pattern, stitching them into a digital composite of hundreds of different isolated moments collapsed into one perfect image. The unusual studies of human behavior hover somewhere between reality and fiction, creating impossible moments of human interconnectedness. "I don't see 'Babel Tales' as necessarily 'true or untrue.' I find this binary way of thinking quite boring. We need other ways of conceptualizing truth."

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