Street Photographer Peter Funch

Monday, September 29, 2014

Danish artist Peter Funch looks for patterns amongst humans in urban settings, and photographs them...

'Communicating Community', New York, USA, 2007

'Memory Lane', New York, USA, 2008

In one series he hunts for people holding manilla envelopes; in another he scours for pedestrians taking and posing for photos; in a third series he keeps an eye out for "pairs of various types" -- be they pregnant women, twins, or a person out with his or her dog. For each series, Funch returns to a particular location at a particular time each day until he finds what he's been looking for, normally after a period of 10 to 15 days. He then sifts through his photographs and isolates the images that converge to his desired pattern, stitching them into a digital composite of hundreds of different isolated moments collapsed into one perfect image. The unusual studies of human behavior hover somewhere between reality and fiction, creating impossible moments of human interconnectedness. "I don't see 'Babel Tales' as necessarily 'true or untrue.' I find this binary way of thinking quite boring. We need other ways of conceptualizing truth."

That's the Spirit!

Thursday, September 25, 2014
That's the spirit!

Absolut introduces the Andy Warhol Edition, a new limited edition bottle celebrating creativity, pop art and the brand’s iconic collaboration with Andy Warhol. To launch the bottle, Absolut is inviting people to unleash their creativity in what Absolut aims to become world’s largest art exchange -- where one lucky participant will receive an original Andy Warhol artwork.

The Andy Warhol Art Exchange by Absolut Starting October 1, Absolut is inviting people from around the world to unleash their creative 'spirits' and enter The Andy Warhol Art Exchange by Absolut – which Absolut aims to become the world’s largest online art exchange.

You can participate by submitting or creating a piece of digital art, and will get one in return from another participant somewhere in the world.

Everyone will be a winner in the art exchange, and some lucky participants will get to exchange art works with artists Ryder Ripps, Taylor Mckimens or any of the other famous artists participating in the exchange. There is even an original Andy Warhol artwork that has been included in the exchange.

At, Absolut provides fun and easy-to-use generative art tools, enabling anyone to be an artist. The site will also accept most image files and formats, including uploads via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. With these tools, Absolut manifest that creative transformation is within reach for everyone. The Andy Warhol Art Exchange by Absolut runs from October to December, with exchanges happening at the end of each month.

Participants above legal drinking age, from anywhere in the world, are welcome to enter.

Depictions of an 'Australia'

Friday, August 08, 2014

It is Melbourne Art Week next week so to celebrate we got all reflective on Australian art...

There is no doubt that Australia has produced some great artworks and artists over its history. Ranging from Aboriginal art, to the Colonial art movement, to the varying 20th and 21st Century depictions of our ever-changing and growing rural, urban, and multi-cultural diversity. 

Every artist has a different 'Australia' to share, and now, in no particular order, we would like to share a few of our favourite depictions, all diverse and yet all capturing a unique 'Australia' beautifully. Enjoy!

Max Dupain 'The Sunbaker' (1937)

Margaret Preston 'Sydney Harbour Bridge' (1932)

Fred Williams 'Forest Pond' (1974)

Rick Amor 'Mobile Call' (2012)

Howard Arkley, Unknown

Arthur Boyd 'Shoalhaven Reflections' (1980)

Arthur Streeton 'Ocean Blue, Lorne' (1921)

Charles Blackman 'Moonlight (Avonsleigh)' (1955)

Arthur Boyd 'Untitled' (1984)

Rupert Bunny 'Black Swans' (1932-33)

David Davies 'Landscape' (1895)

John Glover 'A Corrobery of Natives in Mills Plains' (1832)

Grace Cossington-Smith 'Bush in the National Reserve'

Jason Benjamin 'The Clearing' (2004)

John Brack 'Collins St, 5p.m.' (1955)

John Olsen 'Desert Flowers' (2013)

Hans Heysen 'Mystic Morn' (1904)

Albert Namatjira 'Untitled' (1954)

Sidney Nolan 'Central Australia, Bungle Bungles' (1967)

Sidney Nolan 'The Bathers' (1943)

John Perceval 'London Bridge, Portsea' (1957)

Peter Booth 'Dark Seascape' (1989)

Jeffrey Smart, Unknown

Eugene Von Guerard 'Strath Creek' (1862)

Brett Whiteley 'The Arrival' (1988)

Get Featured on ArtSelect!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hello Art Lovers, Artists, Galleries, and Retailers!

We are 'featuring' all artists, galleries, and retailers who join ArtSelect and list 10 or more artworks within their first week of signing up!

We will announce all featured spots on our Facebook page so get listing, get featured & get discovered!

- The ArtSelect Team

Welcome to ArtSelect

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hello and Welcome to ArtSelect!

We are very excited to be doing our first blog for ArtSelect. Being our inaugural entry, we might start by telling you how ArtSelect came about. We were at a friend's place about a year ago and we were looking at a still life painting that featured a bowl of pears. It was a relatively nice painting, but it was looking a bit tired and our friend had talked of wanting to replace it. Another friend said ‘where could we go if we wanted to sell it?’ The usual suspects started to pop up… op-shops, markets, a garage sale, the local bazaar. Having not really done the market thing, it seemed a bit daunting and it probably wouldn’t get us the pear fanatic art lover that would pay us handsomely!

We then turned conversation to the online world: eBay, Gumtree… the problem with these sites however, is that they sell absolutely everything, so a bowl of pears artwork could come up in a search result next to a pear coloured beanie! We went online to look for art-only related websites, but found most to be either online art galleries taking a commission from artists or mass produced new artwork. We just wanted to know where we could put a listing up for this pre-loved piece of art... why did it seem so complicated!

Then a light bulb moment occurred…

What about a site devoted to art that allows users to browse, buy and sell all different kinds of art?  The idea then expanded from not just a site featuring pre-loved art listings, but also art coming in from artists and galleries. That means at any given time, there would be a diverse selection of new and pre-loved art available… the name was right there, ArtSelect!

Fast forward a year, and we have been developing Artselect as a concept even further to better connect users with art. Given the initial confusion that led to the idea of ArtSelect, we have tried to build a site that is simple, friendly and easy to navigate around. We really love art, whether it’s a bit quirky, loud, dated, weird, sad, happy or even serious… hopefully we’ll be seeing all of the above on our site! We think art has an even greater place in our world, and if you enjoy the art on Artselect we feel kind of special contributing (in our small way) to that. On that note, we think art doesn’t need a pretence where somehow only a few should be capable of understanding/ enjoying it… art is whatever you want it to be, and if you enjoy it or get something out of it then that is all that matters.

Ultimately ArtSelect is driven by the artists who create these inspiring works, and shortly we’ll be adding in a Featured Artist on our homepage. So with plenty more to come, please take a look around, subscribe for our updates and on behalf of the team, we welcome you to ArtSelect.

Happy Browsing!

Love ArtSelect X


PS: If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you –