About Us

Welcome to ArtSelect!

We are Australia's number one online space for browsing, buying and selling art.

Our mission is simple:  ArtSelect.com.au connects people wanting to buy art with people wanting to sell art. 

ArtSelect.com.au aims to provide accessibility and transparency when finding, buying and selling art in Australia. We showcase all art, of all styles, all subjects, and all price ranges. 

Looking for that perfect piece?

Buyers of art can use ArtSelect to search and find that perfect artwork, from that perfect location, that perfect size, and that perfect price - all at your fingertips in a few clicks. Visiting ArtSelect is like visiting hundreds of galleries, artists, and retailers without leaving your home or office. 

Got something to sell? 

We wholeheartedly support artists, galleries, retailers, and the community of art lovers in Australia in a shared passion for art.

We support Australian artists by providing an online space to showcase their art nationally to reach a wider audience, get more exposure, and get discovered.  

We support Australian galleries and retailers by providing an online presence for their business, to showcase their art nationally and gain new customers and exposure through an online platform.

Whether you’re wanting art for your home or a home for your art, welcome to ArtSelect!

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